Saturday, March 28, 2009

Our Camino Team - Los Tres Amigos

Just as the Camino happens, so too does it evolve. From that initial misguided assumption that we would be on some competently guided and pampered excursion with our luggage transported from inn to inn, we have evolved from being mere tourists to travellers and soon to be true pilgrims. We have also grown in number from two to three.

Just as I was convinced that Dayton would be receptive to undertaking this journey, I was equally confident that it would appeal to our neighbour and best friend, John Langford. At first, John was going to join us for only two weeks at the end of our pilgrimage then it was the first half of it but, before long, it was and is now, for the entire experience.

It is not John's style to do anything by half measure and his initial hesitation about completing the entire Camino Frances had nothing to do with questioning his interest or ability but was based solely on his unwillingness to be away from his loved ones for such a great length of time. Linda may be John's wife and soul mate but she is in no way his hiking buddy.
Linda's hiking extends to afternoon walks to Williams Coffee Pub for a cafe latte. She has no need to travel half way around the world and hike 30km for her daily latte. Doesn't like it, not going to do it.

As adamant as Linda is that she hates hiking, she is still ardently supportive of our plans. She may think we're nuts but she's unfailingly and stoically supportive. If I were Linda, I would have run screaming from the room and thrown myself on a hiking stick, if I had to endure one more obsessive deliberation about: mefix vs duct tape, water bottle or camel pack, rain jacket or poncho, one pole or two, what to carry on - what to check. We just don't stop.

So there we are - Karen, Dayton and John, a happy hiking trio, los tres amigos. Hmmm, dare we identify with other famous trios; The Three Musketeers intrepid, dashing and fearless or perhaps that the trio from that yellow brick road, the Tin Man, the Lion and the Scarecrow? No we're most likely to conjure up images of Larry, Curly and Moe.

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