Wednesday, April 29, 2009


I just realized that I haven´t been posting where we are on our Camino so this blog will log in where we are at the end of each day and I´ll update it as computer access is available. I´ll post date, hiking day, departure place and arrival destination, actual distance walked and the distance equivalent when adjusted for cumulative climb (like the wind chill factor) for hikers.

Day 1. Saturday, April 25 - St. Jean Pied de Port to Orisson
8 kms, (11kms)11:00 am to 1:30pm, RAIN
Day 2.Sunday, April 26 - Orisson to Roncesvalles
17kms, (23kms) 8:00am to 1:15pm, BLIZZARD
Day 3. Monday, April 27 - Roncevalles to Larrasoana
27.7kms, (29kms) 7:00am to 2:30pm, MUD
Day 4. Tuesday, April 28 - Larrasoana thru Pamplona to Cizur Menor
21.2kms, (23kms) 6:55am to 1:45pm LITTLE RAIN & SUN
Day 5. Wednesday, April 29 - Cizur Menor to Puente La Reina
19.6kms, (21.3kms) 6:45am to 2:00pm CLEAR DAY
Day 6. Thursday, April 30 - Puente La Reina to Ayegui (Estella)
22kms, (23.5kms) 6:45am to 1:15pm GLORIOUS DAY
Day 7. Friday, May 1 - Ayegui to Torres del Rio
27km (29.59kms) 6:30am to 1:30pm CLEAR DAY
Day 8. Saturday, May 2 - Torres del Rio thru Logroño to Navarette
34.5kms. (36kms) 6:25am to 2:45pm CLEAR DAY, LONG!
Day 9. Sunday, May 3 - Navarette to Azofra
24kms (24.5kms) 6:50am to 12:30pm SUNNY, WARM
Day 10. Monday, May 4 - Azofra to Redicilla del Camino
26kms (27.5kms) 6:30am to 1:30pm LIGHT RAIN
Day 11. Tuesday, May 5 - Redicilla del Camino to Villafranca Montes de Oca
26kms (27kms) 6:25am to 11:45am COLD, CLEAR, SUNNY
Day 12. Wednesday, May 6 - Villafranca Montes de Oca to Burgos!
39.2kms (42.7) + 5kms wandering 6:20am to 4:30pm HOT, SUNNY
Day 13. Thursday, May 7 - Burgos to Hornillas del Camino
20kms (20.7) 8:10am to 12:30pm HOT, SUNNY
Day 14. Friday, May 8 - Hornillas to Castrojeriz
21.2kms (22.4) 6:30am to 11:10am HOT, SUNNY
Day 15. Saturday, May 9 - Castrojeriz to Fromista
25.5kms (26.7) 6:32am to 12:45pm HOT, SUNNY
Day 16. Sunday, May 10 - Fromista to Carrión de los Condes
20.1kms (20.3) 6:36 to 11:40am WARM, SUNNY
Day 17. Monday, May 11 - Carrión de los Condes to Terradillos de los Templarios
26.8 kms (27kms) 6:25am to 12:15pm WARM, OVERCAST, HINT OF RAIN
Day 18. Tuesday, May 12 - Terradillos de los Templarios to Bercianos Real Camino
23.5kms (23.5kms) 6:30am - 12:15pm OVERCAST
Day 19. Wednesday, May 13 - Bercianos Real Camino to Villarente
33.7kms (33.5kms) 6:30am - 2:15pm WARM, SUNNY, COOL BREEZE
Day 20. Thursday, May 14 - Villarente through Leon to Mazarife
35kms (35kms) 6:30am - 3:30pm COLD, WINDY AND LATER SUNNY
Day 21. Friday, May 15 - Mazarife to Astorga
31kms (32kms) 6:30am - 2:10pm FREEZING, WINDY, COLD, SUNNY
Day 22. Saturday, May 16 - Astorga to Foncebadón
27kms ( 31kms) 6:30am - 1:30pm WARM, SUNNY
Day 23. Sunday, May 17 - Foncebadón to Ponferrada
29kms (33kms) 6:45am - 1:45pm FREEZING START, SUNNY
Day 24. Monday, May 18 - Ponferrada to Villafranca del Bierzo
24.5kms (25kms) 6:45am- 2:25pm
Day 25. Tuesday, May 19 - Villafranca del Bierzo to O´Cebreiro
31km (38kms)6:40am-2:43pm HOT, SUNNY, toughest day, SPECTACULAR
Day 26. Wednesday, May 20 - O´Cebreiro to Samos
32.4kms (33.4kms) 6:30am - 2:15pm HOT, SUNNY, BEAUTIFUL
Day 27. Thursday, May 21 - Samos to Ferreiros
26.9kms (27.9kms) 6:30am-2:15pm OVERCAST, HUMID
Day 28. Friday, May 22 - Ferreiros to Palas de Rei
35.5kms (39.2kms) 6:30am - 2:45pm HOT, SUNNY
Day 29. Saturday, May 23 - Palas de Rei to Arzúa
29.4kms (30.4kms) 6:40am - 1:30am HOT, THUNDER, RAIN, SUNNY -EVERYTHING
Day 30. Sunday, May 24 - Arzúa to Arca
20kms (20kms) 6:40am - 11:40am OVERCAST, RAIN JUST AT ARCA
Day 31. Monday, May 25 - Arca to Santiago
20.6kms (21.2kms) 6:20 - 11:05am RAIN, RAIN, RAIN, RAIN, RAIN

Day 32 . Wednesday, May 27 - Santiago to Negreira
22.4kms (25.6kms) 6:35am - 12:55pm HOT, SUNNY
Day 33. Thursday, May 28 - Negreira to Olveiroa
33.1 + 3 (38.8kms) 6:40am - 2:50pm HOT, HOT, SUNNY
Day 34. Friday, May 29 - Olveiroa to Fisterre
31.2kms (33.7kms) 6:17am - 1:10pm HOT, SUNNY (Dayton only)

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