Saturday, June 1, 2013

Friday, May 31 - Muxia to Santiago

Four years ago today, my birthday, I was celebrating the completion of our Camino Frances at 'the end of the world' Finisterre, two years ago we were finishing up our seventeen day stint as hospitaleros in Estella, Spain and this year I am back at the end of the world in Muxia at the end of another long walk. Synchronicity? Symmetry? I don't know but it's a neat connection for me.
It was a lazy morning in Muxia, a 'sleep in morning' if not for all the stray cats caterwauling outside our hotel terrace. We packed up our backpacks and had nothing else to do but enjoy a leisurely breakfast and chat with all the other pilgrims who were 'done' as well. We walked the harbour and then backed to the hotel. True to her word Paige arrived, shortly after noon hour, having walked the 29kms from Finisterre. Paige is a good fast walker but she said it was a tough day, a 'call a cab' day but like most pilgrims you just gut it out. We had a lively lunch with her and anyone and everyone else sitting in the hotel bar, as everyone was in a friendly meet and greet mood, and then went to catch the bus to Santiago.
In Santiago, we had made arrangements to meet up with a fellow Londoner, Janice, who was finishing up her Camino Frances and my little birthday celebration turned into wine and tapas, Mass at the Cathedral, followed up by wine and tapas and dinner. All in all a pretty good day and a pretty good birthday. And I just love reading all the Facebook and email birthday good wishes. Love it.


  1. Happy Birthday Karen!
    Congratulations to both of you on the successful completion of another wonderful camino!
    lynne & john

    1. Thanks you two. We thought about you as we sat in the same outdoor bar several times in the past few days. We stayed in the same hotel right next to the bar. Perfect location. Hope things are well in Thunder Bay. Probably warmer than Santiago. Dayton and Karen