Friday, October 29, 2010

Day 12 Figeac to Cajarc Friday October 8, 2010

We were up and out of the hotel at 7:45am to meet up with Julia. She had shared a room at the gite with the Montreal lady, Brigitte. We were on our way by 8:00am. Sometimes there's no rhyme or reason for what makes for a tough day but today was one of those really tough days. The terrain was not as difficult as what we've had to deal with lately but it was just a long and hot day. Everyone passed us; the Belgiums, Ann Marie, the French couple we'd met in Livenhac, and anyone else who was walking. We took several stops along the way; the first at the church in Faycelles where I indulged in a cold ice cream bar - I needed the calcium! A lunch break and a couple of short rest stops later and then slowly and painfully into Cajarc. Once again the first thing we did was stop at the first restaurant for a coke. Yeah! Finding our hotel d'chambre was a bit confusing. Our hotel d'chambre was 44 Tour de Ville which I thought was a street but the 'tour de ville' was in fact the centre circle of buildings in the centre of the town. We had a moment of trepidation when we first went in. It looked a little sketchy; old and dingy and the host fitted my impression of the house. It turned out our host was just filling in for his mother. We had the entire two bedroom apartment to ourselves; no one else lived there. Dayton and I went out for groceries and we made bruschetta, a salad and pasta with pesto sauce for dinner. With wine and bread it was nourishing and really tasty. An added bonus was getting our laundry done. Good for another couple of sweaty days.

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