Saturday, October 30, 2010

Lyon Sat. Oct. 16

We had nothing to do today and all day to do it. We had the most leisurely or lazy morning enjoying tea and a book in bed then headed out into the wet, cold and rainy day with the intention of touring the old city of Lyon. The weather sure wasn't favourable to sightseeing. A good walk took us across a bridge and the river to the old city where we needed a cafe and hot chocolate to warm up. My ankle was hindering my already limited stride so when we discovered that we could take a furnicular up the huge hill to see the cathedral we were all over that.

The cathedral is like a gigantic inverted elephant with its huge thick legs pointing up into the sky. The cathedral looked out over the city of Lyon, a truly impressive sight - red roofs for miles and miles. After the cathedral we walked over to the Roman ruins. Just such a weird sight to have their magnificently restored Roman amphitheatre and ruins right in the heart of this area.

It was still wet and cold when we came back down and started to retrace our steps back to the hotel. We passed a huge square where there was another strike protest but everything seemed relatively in control and peaceful. We ended up at another Italian pizza restaurant and then back to the hotel where we repacked and watched a Germany cooking show - just like Chopped. Couldn't understand the commentary but, hey, it's a food show and food is a universal language and all the food looked great.

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