Thursday, April 28, 2011

April 28 Condom to Seviac

Condom to Montreal de Gers 18km. Here before noon. Hot sunny and great day. Time to rest up and enjoy the village.
I've mentioned that all pilgims are unique but there are still sterotypes: the purist pilgrim like our Geneva man, the pilgrim social butterfly like Norwegian Desiree, the pampered pilgrim with their reservations and chambres d'hotes for two, the extreme pilgrims who walk 40-60kms a day and collect caminos like boy scout badges and now we have a new category - the Ultra pilgrim.
Today we passed a group of runners, running from Le Puy to St. Jean Pied de Port in 12 days, running 65kms a day! It's like a Camino Survivor game because after 8 days their numbers are down to 16 from the original 23 who started out. A bit pampered too though because they have a suport team and sport veicles to check on them throughout the day and to set up refreshment and snack wayside stands.
We spent the afternoon as pilgrim tourists. Lunch in Montreal where the two choices were a Michelin rate 5star restaurant that would break the bank or a truck stop. We did the truck stop.
Then we toured an archeological site of an ancient Roman villa before going to our gite and enjoying a lazy afternoon in the sun.
A bientot


  1. Okay, hope this comment gets in. I have been looking at buying a kayak, but with all the rain I think I'd better go with an ark.

    ImportANT - No ants today, the food has gone away. Anyway, alls well here and enjoying the blog. Wish I was there. Hope Dayton's egg was okay (not like the dried apricots). Can't wait to here about ULTRA Pilgrims. I have been talking to Catherine and Rob Johkhans and Anita Agullo and a few other wannabee pilgrims and as soon as the rain lets up, will do some longer hiking. I'd like to do an Camino thing end of June or so just to get everyone together and chit chat.

    Cheers and Buen Camino
    John and Linda

  2. unusual name for a city...CONDOM??


  3. And the river that runs through Condom is "La Baise", a popular french expression for a romp in the sack.

    Michèle, Ottawa

  4. Really, a romp in the sack or d'avoir un partie avec des jambes en l'air, another French phrase I just picked up. Ooh la la.