Friday, April 22, 2011

Camino Countdown - April 22, 2011

I must have a subconsious 'failure to commit' because it's 36 hours to departure and I'm nowhere near ready. If ever I had one iota of a Type A personality, now would be a good time for it to kick in. Alas and alack, nope not one iota. My checklist is printed off and totally unscathed; not a check mark on it yet. Well if it weren't for the last minute nothing would ever get done so......time to get at it.

1. Camino Training: - If I can count my one 20km walk from Simcoe to Port Dover and back plus three times around Springbank Park, then I can check this one off.

2. Hiking boots broken in: - See above.

3. Camino haircut: - Done, just hoping it's a real wash and wear style. No hair dryer!

4. Spanish lessons: - Hablas muy despacio por favor.

5. Bulked up: - Done and done! Counting on my hiking pants being comfortable by the Pyrenees.

6. Packing: - Still vacillating: stylish new merino Icebreaker hoodie vs serviceable well- worn Joe Fresh hoodie and dorky vs grungy long sleeve shirt.

7. Meds: - Excited to have my pharmacist personally compound an anti-inflammatory cream for the inevitable tendinitis and shin splints.

8. Recipes: - As hospitaleros in Estella we'll be responsible for feeding up to 32 pilgrims each evening and probably the local priest. I struggle to feed 2 retirees each day at home. However, we only need recipes for one hearty meal as we get new pilgrims each day.

9. eBook: - Books downloaded and ready to read. If only my oh so patient librarian technician, Melinda, would accompany us to remind me how to access them. My technical memory is wiped clean every single evening.

10. Check or Carry-on: Almost done. Carry on has all the things we can't do without and can't replace easily, if at all. Now just have to resist any temptation to throw in last minute 'just in case' items.

There is still a sense of disbelief that we are about to travel for 24 hours, rest in Moissac for the night and then start walking - 500kms give or take.

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  1. Don't worry, you will love it, one day at a time! In Moissac if you are staying at the Gîte Ultreia, please say hello to Rom and Aideen for me. They are terrific people!

    Michèle, Ottawa, ON