Friday, June 5, 2015

Muxia to Santiago June 4 - 85kms - BUS!

This morning we were drawn again to walk out to the rocky promontory of the Sanctuary. The air was warm and still in marked contrast to the blustery cold winds of yesterday. As peaceful as it was, this coastline is never timid as the strong waves still crashed wildly against the rocks. This could be one of my favourite spots on earth.

We took the afternoon bus back to Santiago, donned our backpacks and, for the last time, walked the couple of kilometres back to our hotel near the cathedral. We joined the throngs of people wandering the streets, stopping here and there for tapas and drinks before settling in for dinner at a wonderful Italian restaurant near our Hotel Barbantes. Italian dining in Spain...sacrilege perhaps but the food is delicious. As our Camino is over, we can now switch our mind set from pilgrim to tourist which essentially means that now we do not have to walk so much before we eat and drink and then eat and drink some more.

The young Spaniards continue to prove their mettle on partying pulling all nighters every night of the week. Their laughter and chatter as they passed back and forth under our window from late evening until early early morning was a constant white noise to soothe us to sleep.



Sanctuario at Muxia.










Diggin' for clams.

Muxia harbour.

Gambas a de Lolo




  1. Safe trip home, and enjoy your time in Barcelona. More fun times ahead.

    John and Robin

    1. Thanks you two. Appreciate all your positive comments the past month. Are you in Santiago now? Dayton

  2. Hi, the picture you posted after the one you meditate in, is very close to my heart. If you look with my eyes, you see two boulders looking like turtles climbing out of the ocean... to me, those are my turtles boulders,my home coming every time I reach Muxia. Ultreia Ingrid