Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Oliveiroa to Finisterre (Fisterra) June 2 - 34kms

If one more person calmly and wisely tells me that the universe is trying to tell me something....

The universe may be trying to tell me something by dealing me the tendinitis card again but I guess I am not a good listener or maybe just obstinate and not too bright. Today I gave in to my boredom and decided to walk....a wee bit.

The restaurant at this albergue/hostel was as busy and lively at 6:00am as it was at 9:00pm last night. All the pilgrims were up, packed and eager to set out on what, for most, would be the last leg of their walk to Fisterra and it promised to be a great day for walking. Dayton was gone by 6:45am and I settled in to wait for the baggage car with the plan to be taken to the town of CorcubiĆ³n leaving me about 10kms to walk on into Fisterra.

The taxi driver, son of yesterday's driver, and I had a 'failure to communicate' so I was let off a little sooner than I had anticipated. This extra walking distance might be a hazard to my Achilles but I figured the greater danger to my health, and life, was his reckless driving; telephoning, texting, speeding and passing other cars on sharp curves.

I did manage to communicate that I needed to be let off near a Camino marker and that did happen even though I misinterpreted it and set off along a boardwalk by the beach at Cee. Within moments three Spanish ladies out for a walk stopped me and asked if I was supposed to be on the Camino to Finisterre and then directed me to the other side of the Camino marker, the one heading up and into the hills. I had a laugh with them as I explained that I had only been walking two minutes and was already off route. After they set me straight I managed perfectly well and it was a really nice walk high above the coastline weaving through some small towns until I reached the beach boardwalk path Into Finisterre. Just before the beach, Dayton, who had walked twice as far, caught up with me and together we walked into Fisterra and another 3.5kms out to the lighthouse at the Cabo Finisterre.......and back!!!!! So my wee bit of a walk turned out to over 20kms which was exactly half of Dayton's walk.

The Cape was alive with lots of other pilgrims celebrating the end of their pilgrimage, some sitting quietly on the high rocks meditating and others feeding their overused clothes into a fire. My clothes might need to be burned but, until I hit the stores in Barcelona, I still need them.


Shortly after leaving Olvieroa....7:00 am.

Finisterre or Muxia......

Path up from Cee.


Finisterre and lighthouse.


On the beach in Finisterre.


At milepost 0.00, Cabo Finisterre.

Where the boots burn....

On my perch at Cabo Finisterre.

Where everyone leaves something.

The beautiful Cape.


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