Thursday, September 30, 2010

Sept. 27 Le Puy

Nothing like a steep uphill climb in the dark shadows of the morning to set the tone for the days to come - uphill, uphill all the way. It was a good thing we had had a wonderfully substantial continental breakfast with everything from croissants to petite crepes. Tres bien. It was enough to fuel this climb. And then.... we rounded the corner and there before us were the imposing and formidable entrance to the cathedral - 110 steps, already peppered with struggling pilgrims on their way to the pilgrims' Mass. The Mass was highlighted by the exquisite singing of a chubby little grey-habited nun, so pure and clear.

A very moving and very personal benediction followed the Mass which the priest seemed to enjoy just as much as we did as he had us all introduce ourselves and our home country and wished us to find joy, hope and goodness on our camino.

As a side note, I'm continually amazed that the elderly can climb all those steps to get to church; every cathedral is on the top of a huge hill. I expect to see shrines along the way dedicated to those who almost made it to church. A true test of fitness and faith.

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