Thursday, September 30, 2010

Sept 30 - Camino metaphor

It may not be an original idea but it is nonetheless an appropriate one: a camino is a metaphor for life. Both have their ups and downs and and some easy going in between. The first few days of this camino have been mainly uphills with a couple of treacherous descents - just as Ana and John Thompson had promised us. Many times I've reminisced about the lovely easy flat terrain where we just did our Netherlands bike tour. I'm wondering if there is a patron saint of the Netherlands and if he'd like a camino dedicated to him. Failing that, I'm looking for the French version of the Meseta. However if you're not suffering, it's not a pilgrimage.

I have often thought how nice it would be to share this experience with our children - some real quality time and such a special journey together. On our first day out, we saw a French mother with her two beautiful daughters, aged 25 and 26. They were all effortlessly walking along, laughing and stopping for some family Kodak moments. Ha. Today we came across the two daughters in St. Alban. Their mother had gone on walking ahead for the day and the two girls were having a smoke and waiting for a taxi. Their feet were blistered and they had had enough. Gotta love that quality family time or is that an oxymoron?

We may not be suffering enough. As I might have mentioned we are in private rooms every night with our own bathrooms, real beds and sheets and towels. Meals are plentiful and good even for a vegetarian - but no fries, and great wine.

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