Thursday, September 30, 2010

Sept. 28 - Dodging Bullets

The camino angels have been looking out for us as we have dodged a few bullets which could have been disastrous. The first was finding out that our universal adaptor did not include France. Fortunately, good advice from our Lyon concierge helped us find a place to buy a new one. After our first five kilometre walk I had been feeling a pebble in my boot but was too lazy to take my pack and then my boot off to empty it out. At lunch time, when I finally did check it out, I found a big chunk of glass in my boot ( from the restaurant in Le Puy where a waiter had shattered a bottle near our table). A sliced foot might have been a problem. Another bullet dodged. When we arrived in Le Privat Allier, after our first day walking, we had our guide book out and a bon homme, Alain, came up and asked us where we were staying and then he let us know that the gite I had reserved was two hours back! But he directed us to Monsieur Vachon who had a place by the old church. We followed his advice and had the best experience - a private gite to ourselves and the hospitality of this kind man - and a five room art exhibition thrown in. I consider Alain to be our first real camino angel. Potentially bad experience averted. And yesterday, after a quick cafe, Dayton and I nonchalantly left the cafe and headed down the road. We had forgotten to check directions and it was the wrong way. Rather than retrace our steps we decided to continue along the road and then I saw in the distance some pilgrims on a country path. We were right beside a little connecting dirt track so we took it, caught up and passed the others. Evidently, our miscue was a shortcut. The only bullet I haven't dodged is a chest cold but walking in the fresh air helps as does the security of knowing (or at least believing) that we have reservations for the night.

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