Monday, May 2, 2011

Sat. April 30 Manciet to Maison LaBarbe

Market - Nogaro

What a glorious day. After as plentiful a petit dejeuner (yogurt, bread, rusks, jam, hard-boiled eggs, apples, cereal, and tea and coffee) as our evening meal, we hefted our packs and were once again walking by 7:45am. We started with some road walking but then the rest of the day alternated between walking along the edges of vineyards and quiet shaded forest paths. We had the opportunity to cut 5 or 6km off our walk by taking a variant along the road but who would opt for the rush of traffic over the quiet woods. I was feeling very blessed and thankful to be sharing this lovely day and this lovely walk with Dayton - even though he was his usual 100m ahead. We do pretty well together at the best of times but even better on a Camino.

We borke up our walk in a little town of Nogaro where there was a Farmer's Market. It was a really bustling Saturday morning with everone out shopping and visiting. We also learned that Nogaro annually hosts a very unusual bull fighting event in which the matador is in greater peril than the bull. the matador tries to prove his talents and machismo by staying inside a center circle while the bull charges at him and he tries to pull a flag off the charging bull without moving his feet.

Nogaro also is home of a large Motorcross racetrack so as we left town the tranquility of the countryside was devastated by the distant roar of the engines.

The gite at Maison LaBarbe is really just an old isolated farm house but we had a great afternoon drinking beer in the garden and visiting with the incoming pilgrims. Dayton also spent the time trying to plan out our next couple of days as Sunday, May 1st is a national holdiay so everything is closed and then Mondays all shops are closed as well. Have to get reservations and demi-pensionnes booked. We had another great meal; vegetarian ratouille and pasta for me and duck for the others. This is foie gras country!

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