Monday, May 2, 2011

Sunday, May 1 Maison LaBarbe to Air sur L'Adour

Festival - Aire sur L'Adour

As we left our Gite Maison LaBarbe, we walked out into the glory of a sunlit Sunday morning coming down. The sense of serenity and quiet peacefulness was almost tangible. Appropriately we immediately came across an ancient church, very basic and simple. The interior with its rough hewn wooden benches was as simple and unadorned as the exterior.

For most of the morning Dayton and I had the vast landscape of the vineyards to ourselves, one side rows and rows of meticulously aligned mature vines, their trunks all knarly stumps and on the other side fields of nez young growth, their trunks all slender and green. We alternated walking along the vineyards with equally lovely paths through the woods and later along an old taind track.

When we walked into Air sur l'Ardour we were surpised to be greeted with a big festive scene with everyone out partying and enjoying their natioanl holiday. there was a midway with rides for the kids and chip wagons! Yay!

Our gite was just as pleasant a surprise. When we did the hospitalero course everyone one of the exercies was to plan the perfect gite. I think our host, Andre, at the Gite Saint Jacques here has done it. He had an amazing house built into the hillside, beautiful gardens and rooms and he has thought of everything a pilgrim could possibly need. Plus he dispenses care for sore feet and legs. Most pilgrims make this town a stop because they are over 30 kms the next day with no stops anywhere.

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