Thursday, May 28, 2015

Caldas de Reis to Padrón May 27 - 19kms

"Does this money belt make me look fat"?

Or could it be the churros, the croissants, the wine or the bread?

Caldas de Reis is about 43kms to Sanatiago which means almost all the pilgrims have two comparatively easy and short days left. Today's stage into Padrón was only 18kms so Dayton decided to wait at our hotel for breakfast and didn't set out until 8:15am which meant he met a whole new and larger wave of pilgrims, the late starters, most all walking without backpacks. The backpack transportation economy is definitively flourishing here.

The bus I took to Padrón stops on the outskirts beyond the town which meant I had to walk back all the way through this long town to find our hotel located at the other end, the entrance to the town. Darn. Surprisingly, or not, I arrived at our hotel moments before the walking pilgrims. Sad.

My goal today is and was, despite that long walk to the hotel, to really not walk and rest my useless feet and fortunately, this hotel has a very good restaurant so no need to go anywhere. The hotel is a little dated but the restaurant is a pleasant surprise; white wine that is more than several hours old, a Caldo de Galego soup and wonderful grilled garlicky razor clams, which Dayton said were the best ever.

Santiago is in sight and this is evident not only in the increase in numbers of pilgrims but also in the look of them. This afternoon we started to see some new faces; faces that have not seen a razor in two or three weeks are now smoothly clean shaven.


It's starting to get crowded.

Only 27 kms. to Santiago.



One of Dayton's hiking partners for the of the lovely Maltese ladies.

A Galician woman digging furrows with her boots.





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  1. Hola Karen and Dayton, wishing you both a great day in Santiago tomorrow. Well done. This was not the camino you expected but you handled it very well. Congratulations to you both.

    John and Robin