Monday, May 25, 2015

Tui to Redondela May 24 - 34kms*

All night long......

Oh how the young Spaniards like to party all night long..especially on a Saturday night. Even being up at least five flights of stairs in this residence could not filter out their lively exubuence from midnight until after Dayton headed out this morning at 6:30am. Maybe they head straight from the tabernas to early Mass.

My morning consisted more of killing time until I left for the 11:07 train to Redondela. For all my trepidation and worry, I managed quite well. It helps when everything happens where, when and as you were told. The train was easy, comfortable and inexpensive, only €3.20. I must admit I had no clue what to do or where to go once I arrived in Redondela but I figured following the other pilgrims would get me to the centre of town or at least to the Camino route. And it did; however, I wasn't sure because the centro de Redondela was not particularly distinctive as the big centre of town. My confusion and wonder must have been evident as a very helpful waitress, at the cafeteria where I had stopped to get oriented, offered to give me directions. The directions were typically Spanish; a long, elaborate, enthusiastic descriptive accompanied by much arm waving and gesticulating, and I think the waitress and the other Spanish patrons were shaking their heads as I left sure that all the explanations in the world were wasted on me. But they weren't. Everything worked out exactly as I thought she had said; I found the hotel, checked in, paid, left my stuff and headed out to find a cafe along the Camino route right where Dayton would walk past into town. Good plan.

I found a seat at a cafe where every pilgrim would practically have to trip over me as they came in and, after checking back over my log calendar to see how long 33kms usually takes us to walk, I mentally shortened that time, knowing that without me to slow him down Dayton would be walking so much faster. I ordered a diet coke and expected Dayton to walk passed me around 1:45-2:00pm. My drink, as per Spanish custom, came with free tapas but I declined saying gracias but I am vegetarian. A few minutes later the server brought me out chips and peanuts - vegetarian. I left an 80% tip for her thoughfulness - which really was not that much, one euro. Around 2:30 paranoia set in and I went back to the hotel to see if by any chance I had missed Dayton. Nope, so I went back to my cafe and ordered a vino blanco. This time my waitress delivered a little salad of tomatoes, lettuce and asparagus. Same tip. By 3:30, after going back to the hotel yet again, I was seriously considering going to the guardia and instigating a search but, before I embarrassed myself, Dayton arrived. It appears he found another walking companion to slow him down, the lovely Stella from Holland. I will take this factor into estimating his time from now on.

Stella (Holland)......Dayton's walking partner for the day.

Horreios.......Galician grain/corn crib.

Nice walk through the countryside.

Galician countryside approaching Redondela.

We definitely need to figure out portion control.




  1. Ahhh such memories!! 2008 was our first and it was from Valenca to Santiago!! Funny to see that Tui is still a party town! The alburgue next to the Cathedral was a tough place to sleep too. Wishing you both well as you continue. Karen truly saying on for you and your feet today!! Big Camino hug!! Karin

  2. Good luck with the rest of the journey to Santiago and onwards from there. You have both done very well. Now that is a lunch (last photo) to be proud of. Off to the fridge to see what I can find. Have fun.

    John and Robin

    1. We had a little better portion control sensibility today; ordered one meal and shared it and it was more than enough. Only took us twenty days to figure that one out.