Friday, May 29, 2009

Brutal long hot day!

Only 31kms to go and it´s not looking good! My ankle is beyond painful. I just can´t get it to work. We left the alberque at 6:20am, me full of meds ( I will need dialysis at the end of this) and were off to a great start but then we missed a sign at the first village and added a couple of kms detour down into a valley and then had to double back UP to find the markers. By that time all those who had started after a leisurely breakfast had gone ahead.

Just as some say "golf is a great walk ruined", well today was a beautiful walk ruined by the stress of worrying that we there´d be no room at the inn. This day was so hot and, having turned a 33 kms day into a 37kms day, Dayton and I were hot, dehydrated and exhausted when we got to Olveiroa. It was especially hard for Dayton who had to keep waiting, in the hot sun, for me to catch up, again and again and again. The good news was that there was a bed for us; no hot showers or toilet paper, but at least a bed. They say "the camino provides" but damn I wish it would provide what I consider a few necessities of life. However, there´s never been a lack of wine so guess I shouldn´t complain.

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