Monday, May 11, 2009

May 11 Carrión de las Condes to Terradillos de los Templarios

We did have a wonderful meal last night and then all went to mass and then the pilgrims´ benediction. After mass, continuing in a pilgrim tradition, we went to a bar for wine. It was quite comical as we scrounged for 3 more centavos to make up 1€ 50 to buy a second round. Yes, wine was 50 cents a glass!

This morning we left the alberque to the sound of a music, the singing of a nuns´choir and that´s about as exciting as the day got. It was sort of a non-blog-worthy day, long, flat and painful. There was no where to stop for the first 24kms although around 8:30am we did come across what looked like a chip wagon. They were making up bocadillos and sausages. If only there had been chips I´d have ordered some regardless of the time. There has to be some reward for walking 27kms again. Still fighting shin splints, tendinitis or just plain pain but Advil and anti-inflammatory cream got me through the 27kms. A little icing of the shins and a few glasses of vino and tomorrow´s a new day. This alberque is the only show in town so all the peregrinos have congregated in the big cafeteria and are sharing tales and wine as we while away the time until another peregrinos´meal.


  1. Hi Karen--
    Miss you at yoga.
    How much more pain before you are having fun?

  2. We are truly enjoying reading about your Camino experiences! Wishing you all the best! As for the $0.50 wine, we will save plenty of glasses of the good stuff for you when you get back!
    Love, the Zack clan

  3. Thanks for thinking of us. Communal living, shin splints, chorizo (and I´m vegetarian)and 35km walks a day. Yup, having fun.