Sunday, May 31, 2009

Enjoying Fisterre

Our first night at the Hotel Ancora was the noisest night I´ve spent on the entire Camino but we have now moved to a quiet, cooler back room and all is good. After John left, we headed to the beach to enjoy the sun and the ocean. The fact that no one had beach wear or bathing suits is apparently not a concern for most of the European pilgrims, we retained our Canadian modesty.

Charlotte Jensen, a Danish lady who is now living in Spain and who had just finished her Camino, invited us to join a group who had planned lunch at an amazing and very, very upscale beachside restaurant that specializes in seafood and in particular shellfish. What another stroke of serendipity! This was an eating delight for seafood lovers. Dayton shared the ´owners special´which gave them three platters of different shellfish (scallops with crab, clams, razor clams and a freebie of barnacles), a platter of two types of fish (bass and something else with its head still there), a platter of potatoes and another of salad and a couple of bottles of white wine - all for about €40.00 each.

Last night was equally interesting as we joined Liane and Jürgen, from Düsseldorf, for a walk to another beach where we enjoyed some wine and cheese, the sunset and a fire which Jürgen built so that they could burn their Camino underwear and socks. Great fun.


  1. Karen, I am surprised you and Dayton "retained our Canadian modesty!" After all, John had left. LOL. When Joan and I were younger and travelled the Caribbean, that was the first order of business of the Europeans was to shed their clothing. After a couple of visits, we expected it. I am happy your are getting fed properly now. It sounds as if Dayton needed some help with his meal. Sounded delicious. Have fun and have a safe trip home. Jim & Joan

  2. Kimberley WeaverJune 1, 2009 at 9:12 PM

    Karen, thank you for sharing this journey!! You are a gifted writer and should consider publishing your own Camino journal for those to follow!! I have been meaning to check this out over the past couple of weeks but I'm glad I waited until "the end" so I could experience it all in one fell swoop! I would have either been impatient for the next installment or else too worried about what might happen. I'm so sorry about your ankle. Most people would have packed it in long before you. BE PROUD for making it to the end! I felt sorry for you having to walk by yourself so often. I guess the camino is, in essence, a solitary experience but no one likes to get left in the dust!! If only my kids weren't so young, I would have joined you at your speed!! To be honest though, I don't think I could have survived a month in hostels!! The lack of creature comforts aside, I'm also gluten & lactose intolerant so all those meals with pasta and bread are off the table for me (I'd deal with the pain for the cheese though!! LOL). And, gasp, I can't drink alcohol either!!!

    Well, I look forward to catching up with you at TAC when you return "stateside". I've missed your classes! My computer crashed and I lost your email so that's why I'm posting here on the blog. It occurs to me that you likely don't have access to your email anyway so this is the best way to reach you!

    I hope you have a WONDERFULLY relaxing week as you go with the flow!

  3. Thanks for your kind words. Look forward to elaborating ad nauseum when I see you at the club. Karen