Saturday, May 23, 2009

Santiago is in sight!

Today we went from Palas de Rei to Arzua and, barring any more injuries or traumas, we should be in Santiago by Monday. It is our plan to spend Tuesday sitting in the square outside the cathedral greeting all the incoming pilgrims. However, it´s good not to expect things to go as planned on this camino so we´ll just see.

This morning we set out from Palas de Rei in a light rain with raincoats and backpack covers on and with thunder threatening in the sky. Most of today´s walk was through lovely wooded paths. After Melide, about 15kms into the day, we were walking through a eucalyptus and pine forest and the smell of the eucalyptus was so welcomed and soothing especially since we´ve been going passed a lot of cow pastures where the aroma is not so soothing. For most of the day the raincoats, hats and raincovers were on and off, on and off, on and off as the rain just kept teasing us all day and it was hot.

Dayton says his body is starting to break down and he´ll be lucky if his boots make it to Fisterre as they are starting to fall apart. I don´t think it will be any great loss if they don´t make it back to Canada.

Arzua is reportedly famous for smooth creamy cheese so we´ll be on a hunt for that right after Dayton finishes his smooth creamy cervaza.

The rain started right around dinner time so we ended up going to a ´burger joint´two doors down from our alberque. Dayton had a great huge burger with tomato, lettuce, bacon and a fried egg on it. Quite a change from the usual pilgrims´menu.

Spent the evening sharing wine and stories with a Canadian couple from Thunder Bay who are finishing up their third or fourth camino, this time the Camino Madrid.

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