Friday, May 3, 2013

Friday, May 3 Dourgne to Le Casses

It is a thirty-four kilometre walk from Dourgne to Le Casses and surprisingly it got easier as the day went on. How could that be? Well, we started in rain (no surprise there). One of the French lady walkers likened my green full length poncho to a huge garbage bag and I can't be insulted by the truth. I do look like a stuffed trash bag. That's why I have to take care not to take a rest too close to the curb side for fear that the weekly garbage truck will just toss me in the back; not that I would protest too much if it was heading for Toulouse.

It took us three and a half hours to walk the supposed 12 kms to Revel. I think those kilometres are 'as the crow flies'. The centre of Revel is a huge square, in the middle of which is the Office de Tourisme and restaurants and cafés are situated all around, none of which served anything to 'manger' until after 12pm. D'accord. The rest of the day's route took us 17kms along a lovely canal path. The path was firm sand and was lined with trees and occasional bursts of flowers. Just wonderful. Seventeen kilometres is still tough but walking along the canal for these three and a half hours made it as pleasant as possible. Two more kilometres up a hill and we arrived at our Gîte La Passeur-Elle.

Our gîte La Passeur-Elle is a pilgrim's dream; beautiful big, private rooms, a lovely garden, a conscientious hostess, the lovely French ladies as pilgrim companions and a scrupulously clean floor for Yoga. I'm so besotted that I even agreed to another 35kms tomorrow. Besotted or bedazed or just dumb and dumber? However, all 35 kms are supposed to be along that midi-canal path again so I'm praying that it is not too too challenging and I will be skipping if it doesn't rain. Okay, that's just the full tummy and wine talking.


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