Sunday, May 12, 2013

Saturday, May 11 Montesquiou to Marciac

No complaints today. Not too far a distance to walk. No mud walking as we determined our own variant and walked the road. Perfect timing for a change as we got into Marciac before the Office de Tourisme closed so we were able to book rooms through to Monday night. We got into the Huit à Huit (8 to 8) grocery store before it closed at 1pm - go figure. And we actually made it into a restaurant before it closed for the afternoon - fries, bruschetta and rosé. Perfect.


Okay no day has absolutely no complaints. Dayton was whining about his sore shoulder. This morning he took two Aleve for the pain in his aggravated knee (all that the mud walking, slipping and sliding yesterday) but said he forgot to take any for his shoulder. (Hmmm) For me, tendinitis is incoming but I will work on it with the Yoga Tune Up Balls, some massage and stretching and a bottle of rosé.

Gîte tonight is a little rustic and dinner had a touch of North Africa as our hostess is from Algeria so it was spiced and plain couscous and a tagine of mystery meat. Once again we were the only English speaking but it is France so, while challenging, it is to be expected.


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