Monday, May 6, 2013

Sunday, May 5 Villafranche de-Lauragais to Donneville

" Hello tendinitis my old friend. you've come to walk with me again, an old injury softly in creeping....."

Days 14/15 of a Camino historically been tendinitis turn-around days for me and despite my efforts to prevent it, those irritable hints and twinges are settling in. I'm not carrying those Yoga Tune-up Balls just to add weight to my pack. I have been determinedly rolling out my feet, shins, calves and hamstrings before and after our walks every day. I will continue to persevere with this plan but I think that we should also adopt a 'less is may not be more but less is better' attitude and keep the walks closer to 23-25 kms not over 30kms.

We had a really late start for us this morning because our next gîte would not open until after 4:00pm. So at 8:30am we loaded up, paid up and headed on up and out of town. Fifty metres into the day and we were in a boulangerie buying croissants. Another 100m and we were in a café having tea and managed to start the serious walking by 9:00am. We got back to the Canal du Midi within a half hour, just in time to see a huge barge enter the lock and wait for the water to rise. This barge was so huge it literally reached from one end of the lock to the other. Under this lovely Sunday morning sun, we headed down the canal path moving, it turned out, faster than a speeding barge. We figured this out by the fact that throughout the day, as we approached each successive lock, the barge would arrive at about the same time. We would walk on and get ahead as the barge waited for the water level to change and the locks to open and close and then eventually the barge would appear when we got to the next lock. I had fantasizes about barging it to Toulouse but I honestly think we will walk it faster...not easier, just faster.

It was interesting to listen to the sounds of this walk. The quiet of the still waters to our left broken only by the occasional runner or cyclists and, not too far off to our right was the continuous roar of cars speeding along the highway. Quite a juxtaposition of sounds and of the pace of life.

Hallelujah, shortly after noon, we found a café for a drink. So refreshing, then continued on to Donneville where our Chambres de Hôte is located. Fortunately our hosts returned early enough to let us check in a few hours early. We are in a literal dollhouse at the end of their back hard. They have offered to drive us to a restaurant tonight but also mentioned that there is a pizzeria that will deliver salads and pizza. Going for that.

The three French ladies showed up at this Chambres d'hôtes. I don't know how they plan their walks for 10 kms less than us and still end up in the same place. I think it involves knowing the language better and getting in on the short cuts. We are all ordering in pizzas, salades and wine tonight. Yes, you can order a bottle of wine to be delivered with your pizza! So now I am feeling a little more forgiving to all those closed restaurants that we passed today.


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  1. Absolutely sweet place to stay. And being able to order in a bottle of wine, amazing! So glad things seem to be getting better on this trip!