Thursday, May 9, 2013

Thursday, May 9 Gimont to La Croisée de St Cricq

Kudos to the weather man for getting today's forecast wrong. We dressed for cold, windy and rain but it was warm and just cloudy until late afternoon. It was another gaiter-worthy day, not that we have gaiters with us but it was mud, muddy and muddier. We walked until 9:30am when we came to a small village, L'Isle-Arne. Dayton decided to take a break to call Daniel Segura, who has a gîte in Lectoure on the Le Puy route and with whom we stayed a couple of years ago. At that time he told us that he had built a house for his daughter, an architect who had designed the house, and he showed us a video of the process. Well, L'Isle-Arne is the village where he built that house and Dayton thought he'd let Daniel know we were passing through there. As it happens, Daniel was at his daughter's house working on another project, this time a garage/office building. He immediately suggested we come by for coffee, drove down to get us and we had a lovely visit with his family as he showed us his workmanship. Afterward Daniel drove us back to another little village, Lussan, to get back on the Chemin.

We met up with Jean-Claude and Jean-Marie, two French pilgrims who were at the same gîte last night, and we walked with them the rest of the morning and on into Montegut where we all took time for lunch. After that we parted ways; they went on to Auch and we headed for our gîte at La Croisée de St. Cricq.




Feast or famine here. Last night we couldn't buy a morsel of food, tonight it was a six course meal which included aperitifs and red wine. Aperitifs went in for over an hour and dinner just won't quit. Going to have to let out the tucks in my pants. Dayton's salad has a shish kebab of duck hearts on it. OMGoodness. S amazingly great. Seven other pelerins, all French so the conversation was busy and if the aperitifs and wine didn't give me a headache, the strain of conversing in French definitely will.


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