Friday, May 24, 2013

Thursday, May 23 - Ruesta to Sangüesa

Another 25 kms down and not too tough at all. Yesterday the landscape we walked through was dubbed a 'moonscape', grey and crater-like, barren and rather bleak, sort of like the badlands. Today was all moors and Meseta with a really good cold wind but a good hiking day. No rain.
The Moonscape Landscape on the way to Ruesta
Somewhere along the way, I suggested we brave an albergue again rather than go all posh, Chris' description, in a Casa Rural (Spanish style B&B). I don't know what possessed me as I am now typing in the dormitory with two world class snorers napping nearby. OMG, I'll be jamming those earplugs in tonight. We shopped for groceries and are pooling our food resources and culinary talents to prepare and share a meal tonight. After showers (not too hot and not nearly private enough), we went back into town to the tourist office and booked a hotel room for tomorrow night. I have no idea what a hotel room will be like in the next town. Monreal is a very small town and boasts an albergue that sleeps 21, a hotel with four rooms and maybe a bar. At the very least we will have a room to ourselves.
We made a huge pasta dinner with salad and lots of fruit and a sweet bread for dessert and shared it with anyone who checked on and lots of men checked in. There are beds here for 14 and we are full and I am the only female.
One of the Spanish walkers came in with some devastating news about that very exuberant and outgoing

Dario, on the right, serving his pasta. Kit, from Holland, is assisting with our hospitalero, Armand supervising.
Italian pilgrim who taken over the cooking of the meal in Arrés. Yesterday, Dario, this little chef, after he had left Arrés and was on his way up a climb towards Artieda when he collapsed from a heart attack and died. Quite a shock. So hard to believe. It is a cruel reminder that any Camino is quite a physical challenge.

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